IMATS Toronto

SOO EFFING AWESOME! i went to the imats yesterday and it was amazing! definitely going to become a yearly thing for me because i saved so much money on NYX cosmetics it was ridiculous. i ended up spending around 200$ for a decent amount of stuff but if i was getting the makeup from beauty supply stores it would have been much more. the only downside to the imats was how crazy it was; my poor mother had to wait in line for an hour and a half just to get to the cash area for Nyx (me being selfish went around shopping instead haha) and also not really related to the tradeshow but the girls there got really rowdy, there were crazy chicks pushing people to get to the MACPRO counter like they were selling water from the fountain of youth it was pretty rediculous. but besides that stuff i had a fantastic time and got alot of really cool stuff i hope to use in tutorials soon. so check out my haul video on youtube for more info on that; and here are the swatches i took and check out my facebook personal page for some pics from the show Xoxo