Another Hiatus

ok so i'm just going to post on my blog whats going on write now because alot of people are asking for or expecting holiday tutorials on my youtube channel. I really wanted to try and get some looks done for the holidays but unfortunately I'm in an eat sleep work routine right now for this week before christmas and it will be continuing on probably for another week after christmas. I'll try to do one of those typical sparkley smokey eyes for new years on my day off next week (hopefully with a new HD camera i asked for on my christmas list!) Anyways just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone who follows this blog XO


New tutorial: Mouth on your Neck Facepaint

so i did a new tutorial last night, i wasn't planning on it but i really wanted to try out my new wolfeart aqua colour palette that i got from imats. you can check the vid out on my youtube here but its another picture tutorial because it would have taken me 2 hours + to film this. but if people like it enough i eventually will film it. i actually think it looks really awesome, it was inspired by this picture of some protesters or something but theirs looks amazing. anyways im off to set up for a bday party im hosting tonight, have a lovely day everyone xoxo


IMATS Toronto

SOO EFFING AWESOME! i went to the imats yesterday and it was amazing! definitely going to become a yearly thing for me because i saved so much money on NYX cosmetics it was ridiculous. i ended up spending around 200$ for a decent amount of stuff but if i was getting the makeup from beauty supply stores it would have been much more. the only downside to the imats was how crazy it was; my poor mother had to wait in line for an hour and a half just to get to the cash area for Nyx (me being selfish went around shopping instead haha) and also not really related to the tradeshow but the girls there got really rowdy, there were crazy chicks pushing people to get to the MACPRO counter like they were selling water from the fountain of youth it was pretty rediculous. but besides that stuff i had a fantastic time and got alot of really cool stuff i hope to use in tutorials soon. so check out my haul video on youtube for more info on that; and here are the swatches i took and check out my facebook personal page for some pics from the show Xoxo


November :(

Halloween is over :( and I'm super sad about it, i honestly had alot of fun doing all my haloween tutorials, and i know youtube gurus always try and say that shit and I'm like yeah right how much fun can sitting infront of a camera for an hour be, but its a hell of alot funner than when i used to make videos and no one would watch them lol but now that halloween is over once again i need ideas for videos, I'm literally going to do anything people ask including hauls and stuff when i go to the IMATS Toronto next weekend and my skin care routine which has been requested alot(people are going to be very dissapointed when they figure out it's soap and genetics). So as always if you follow my blog i will do your requests first because its alot easier going through the 2 comments i get on here than the 100 trolls i get on my youtube videos :) xoxo

ps: if you wanted to see one of my halloween costumes, it's the first picture, im victim of the ape which makes sense only when you see my friends costume i parties with, if i can find pictures from that night where im not too intoxicated i will post them when i do my slideshow of all the makeup i did that weekend.


early morning blogging

I'm about to go to work just wanted to get a quick post in before I'm preoccupied this weekend with all the crazy halloween stuff, I just wanted to say thanks sooo much to my youtube followers for making my halloween videos such a success! i finally finished filming my last tutorial for october and i'm actually speaking in it because alot of people have been encouraging me to try it. it was really awkward to sit in my room and talk to my webcam, so i was a little nervous to actually post the video to facebook, but all my subscribers have been super nice and encouraging so i guess i will be talking in my videos from now on. So i guess my next step will be to post a bunch of pictures of all the crazy makeup im doing this weekend on here, ill probably get around to doing it on tuesday. I'm also interested to know what everyone's being for Halloween! I'm not too sure if you guys can post pictures in your comments on here because i'm still not too sure how this site works, but if your able to, definitely show me your halloween costumes :)


1 Week Left!

Ok so there is only one week left for me to get as many halloween tutorials done for youtube as possible, and of course i work almost everyday :( I've pretty much scrapped the other ideas i had come up with myself for tutorials because i feel like they're nothing special, So i want new ones picked by my subscribers! So if you follow my blog and have a request post it in the comments here and I'll do your suggestions first. On a side note i have over 100,000 views on my killer clown makeup tutorial on my channel and that's pretty effing amazing so thanks to everyone who has watched it <3


ahh guys I need help!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my posts, I keep trying to write back to them but it wont work! can anyone help me with how to post a comment? I use my livejournal account to post but everytime i click to post my comment the page just refreshes and there's nothing there as well as when I click preview.. please help :( I'm sucha n00b with this stuff xoxo


One Down..

Sugar skull is done. It is honestly soooo much more time consuming to film videos, probably wont get as many done this week as I thought :( what look should be next on my list?

Watch Tutorial


New Video Tutorials...

So I'm getting down to business on this whole "video tutorial" thing everyone's been requesting. I went out and bought a whole bunch of supplies for some tutorials that I'm going to be doing by the end of this week. So my ideas are; mermaid, sexy cat/kitten (lol girls always want this one i dont know why..) a sugar skull, and possibly a she devil type thing if I have time on the weekend. So what are your thoughts on if I should do these looks? Do you have any requests? Xoxo



So I made a new tutorial today for fake brains which I pretty much ripped off of jazzybabycakes on youtube for using oatmeal because I could'nt think of any other inexpensive way to do it, but I made sure to add my own little twists to it and I actually really like this look for a halloween zombie look, it definitely is disgusting enough that I'd wear it, and also bonus gross points to anyone willing to wear oatmeal on their face for halloween. That's all I will be doing for this week because I gottaaa work like a muthafuckkaaaa early in the mornings Xoxo


Weight Loss Update #1

Ok since practically no one follows my blog right now I don't feel embarassed doing a little blurb about my weight loss struggles and all that girly crap. Ok so pretty much I was always chubby while i was a kid no matter what sports and activities I was doing until I started highschool I thinned out quite a bit due to all the crazyness and running around all the time partying. A couple of years ago all the drinking I did finally caught up to me and I developed a nice beer belly which ive been desperately trying to get rid of since the summer. so the picture I posted up there is from around the end of june (clearly ashamed to show my face) and the bottom ones are from the end of september. I'm officially down 16 lbs but I'm really having trouble getting rid of the weight on my lower back due to lack of excercises to do for that area. So if anyone is reading this post and is experienced in losing weight and can help me out or just wants to exchange tips etc. it would be very much appreciated! all comments appreciated good or bad<3 Xoxo


Testing out video tutorials..

So ya this video really shows how bad I am at doing this, but I finally found some free software that lets me convert the movie file, the only problem is it leaves a big watermark in the middle of my video! I decided to post it's awefulness on youtube anyways so that people can leave tips in the comments for me on how to improve my video(like making sure the makeup isn't cut out of the video lol) which I'm sure they will as soon as I post it. Anyways if you're reading my blog and you're Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving, eat some turkey for me because I'll be stuck eating gross German foods no doubt:( xoxo

Watch the Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/user/EmpressMakeup


Halloween Is Coming!

... and I'm excited like a little girl. Mostly because I get to do all my crazy special fx makeup tutorials for youtube without looking like a weirdo this month. To the people who follow my youtube channel and thus came to my blog because that's the only place i posted the link, I really am trying to start doing live tutorials. I get alot of private messages saying that its hard to recreate my halloween looks without the complete step by step tutorials so for the next week or two I am saving up to by the video conversion software I need for my camera to co-operate with windows movie maker. so check back on my channel in 2 weeks for some actually good videos! :) xoxo Melissa