NEW make up tutorials on my channel; time to get back to eyeshadow


  1. I've been following you for a couple of years and really enjoy your style and attention to detail. I'm interested in taking my Halloween makeup to the next level and that means moving beyond the traditional and highly commercial, low quality products typically found that time of year. Would you mind providing a rundown of the types and brands of makeup you use? It would be extremely helpful. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to 2013! Thanks for the "normal" tutorials as well, those eyes are great.


  2. best brands for special fx face paints are kryolan and ben nye, i like cinema secrets for supplies like latex, blood, molding wax etc. and for other palettes like the shadow ones i use for shading and stuff jordane cosmetics is a good way to go. hopefullly this helps you out just my opinion on the best brands for starting up in special fx

  3. Makeup is an art in which you are an expert. These pictures speak for your talent. May you all costumers be satisfied with your make up. Empress makeup really really impressed me. Halloween Makeup