Halloween Is Coming!

... and I'm excited like a little girl. Mostly because I get to do all my crazy special fx makeup tutorials for youtube without looking like a weirdo this month. To the people who follow my youtube channel and thus came to my blog because that's the only place i posted the link, I really am trying to start doing live tutorials. I get alot of private messages saying that its hard to recreate my halloween looks without the complete step by step tutorials so for the next week or two I am saving up to by the video conversion software I need for my camera to co-operate with windows movie maker. so check back on my channel in 2 weeks for some actually good videos! :) xoxo Melissa


  1. Melissa! I love your black & white half face halloween tutorial! Can you please tell me the products you use & the brushes too?!I was looking up the ben nye cake liner but they look like eyeshadows... I am obsessed with the look and would love to do it for halloween. Love your tutorials!

  2. hello Melissa,I found this "Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial" on youtube and I found it was great inspiration for the german carnival.thanks!
    I just watched some of your other videos,I think you did a very good work and it's not so bad,that it isn't a film-tutorial.easy to understand and nice music *__*