Weight Loss Update #1

Ok since practically no one follows my blog right now I don't feel embarassed doing a little blurb about my weight loss struggles and all that girly crap. Ok so pretty much I was always chubby while i was a kid no matter what sports and activities I was doing until I started highschool I thinned out quite a bit due to all the crazyness and running around all the time partying. A couple of years ago all the drinking I did finally caught up to me and I developed a nice beer belly which ive been desperately trying to get rid of since the summer. so the picture I posted up there is from around the end of june (clearly ashamed to show my face) and the bottom ones are from the end of september. I'm officially down 16 lbs but I'm really having trouble getting rid of the weight on my lower back due to lack of excercises to do for that area. So if anyone is reading this post and is experienced in losing weight and can help me out or just wants to exchange tips etc. it would be very much appreciated! all comments appreciated good or bad<3 Xoxo


  1. Hey girl, I think you're doing great, but you should remember that losing weight (healthfully) it takes time, and what you should do is aerobics exercices, it will make you burn fat, but all your body will lose, there is not exercices for burning fat in some specific areas, as I said when you burn fat is for your entire body, but if you want gain muscles thats different, then you can control where you want to gain, remembering that gaining muscles is not burn fat, you should do both, if you only work your muscles, it's gonna look like that you got a little bigger, the thing is that your muscles will be bigger, but the fat will hide it... well what you should do: aerobics exercices and work you muscles(not much, just enough to be health), girl after 3 months you will see the difference, and I do not know what you eat, but try to make 6 meals per day (health food) small portions, your body will understand that it needs to keep working, and not to be lazy, I'm on a diet since june, but i looked for a professional (nutritionist and gym trainer) that explained everything to me, you won't believe how much you can eat when you do it the right way, I didn't lose much weight cause it's not my goal, what I want is change body fat for muscles...wow I talked a lot, sorryyyy, and sorry about my english I'm brazilian =) I really hope I helped you...xoxo

  2. I really great workout and healthy eating site is BODYROCKTV.com. I having been following the communitiy for a about 6 months and have noticed huges changes in my body. It offers a lot of advice and support. I love, love, love your work! And good for you for blogging! AMAZING!!! xo

  3. haha i follow zuzanna's videos on youtube she is awesome but insane, i dont think i could every have as healthy of a lifestyle as her

  4. I would've never guessed from your face pic you're having some weight problems! .. I know exactly how you feel, I gain I don't even know how many pounds from all the beer I've had.. I'm not on a diet right now, but what I've done is I'm playing soccer almost every night for a straight hour even sometimes after playing I have a few beers .. Ohhh and I changed to light beers I know they don't taste the same but its working for me.. The only thing is you have to cut down the amount of beers but if you feel like you want to drink a lot.. drink vodka tonic with lime that's what a nutritionist told me!
    I smoke, I drink, and doing a little bit of exercising, and trying to eat better! Trust me you don't have to kill yourself to look good!
    Plus you are soooo gorgeous that with a little bit of exercise you'll be fine!

    Sorry for my english too.. not my first language!
    ohhh and are you mixed or something? u r just so beautiful

  5. Hi there!!
    I've lost 12 kgs (I don't know how many lbs is that) in one year, and I'm still loosing.

    Let me tell two things:

    1- You're sooo fucking beautiful...that I think that it, really, doesn't matter.

    2- I like to run, swim and that stuff. Sometimes we lie our self saying that we don't have enought time. But we have, so, try, practice, move, play things, be active. That's the best way, and it's funny too.. so, DO IT! (and me too, exams isn't a good excuse...)

    Three things then...

    3- I'm wishing to have the opportunity of go to some party, and use one of your ideas... You're soo good! OMG! I really want to try one now... even I've an exam tomorrow and it's 4p.m...

    Can you tell me, please, some online page, or a brand, with cheap and basic make ups for trying this stuff on my face? or maybe on my friend's faces... ok, hahaha.

    Thanks a lot, congrats, and keep on!!